Unit Sustainment - Set Up A Train­-the-­trainer Program


The purpose of a train­the­trainer program in the unit is to develop trainers capable of providing soldiers with the confidence and skills necessary to accomplish all assigned land navigation tasks.

a. Development of the Program. The unit commander should appoint a cadre of officers and NCOs to act as primary and alternate instructors for land navigation training. Use the training modules the unit has developed and have these soldiers go through each module of training until they can demonstrate expertise. Determine which instructors will conduct each module of training and have them practice until they are fully prepared to give the training. These instructors act as training cadre for the entire unit. They train their peers to instruct the subordinate units, and they certify each unit's training.

b. Conduct of Training. Conduct training at the lowest level possible. Leaders must be included in all training to keep unit integrity intact.