Maps - Procurement


Most military units are authorized a basic load of maps. Local command supplements to AR 115­11 provide tables of initial allowances for maps. Map requisitions and distribution follow the channels of Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic, Topographic Center's Office of Distribution and Services. In the division, however, maps are a responsibility of the G2 section.

a. To order a map, refer to the DMA catalog located at your S2/G2 shop. Part 3 of this catalog, Topographic Maps, has five volumes. Using the delineated map index, find the map or maps you want based upon the location of the nearest city. With this information, order maps using the following forms:

(1) Standard Form 344. It can be typed or handwritten; it is used for mailing or over­the-counter service.
(2) Department of Defense Form 1348. Same as SF 344. You can order copies of only one map sheet on each form.

(3) Department of Defense Form 1348M. This is a punch card form for AUDODIN ordering.

(4) Department of Defense Form 173. This is a message form to be used for urgent ordering.

With the exception of the message form (DD 173), the numbered sections of all forms are the same. For example:. In block 1, if you are in CONUS, enter "AOD;" if you are overseas, enter "AO4." In block 2, use one of the following codes for your location.
Location Code


Europe CS7
Hawaii HM9
Korea WM4
Alaska WC1
Panama HMJ

Your supply section will help you fill out the rest of the form.

b. Stock numbers are also listed in map catalogs, which are available at division and higher levels and occasionally in smaller units. A map catalog consists of small­scale maps upon which the outlines of the individual map sheets of a series have been delineated. Another document that is an aid to the map user is the gazetteer. A gazetteer lists all the names appearing on a map series of a geographical area, a designation that identifies what is located at that place name, a grid reference, a sheet number of the map upon which the name appeared, and the latitude and longitude of the named features. Gazetteers are prepared for maps of foreign areas only.